It’s official – I am a WordPress Translator

I have done a few translations in the before. However I am now very excited to be part of ‘Global WordPress Translation Day‘ and help translate WordPress in Greek 🙂  

Aegean contrasts that stand out to inspire you

From yesterday’s afternoon walk around the port. Sometimes simple, rusty items and colour combinations contrast so nicely with the Aegean blue sea. One has to stop, observe and capture the frame which stands out and screams for attention. At least for me anyway..!

Busy Bumble Bee

Bumble bees are plentiful here on the island of Skopelos. They do not outnumber regular bees however. Did you know that they too produce honey? It is known to be less in quantity though, and sour in its taste!

Prague scenes that make your heart miss a beat

Prague was a great surprise for me! When visiting Europe, I tend not to make much research in terms of seeing pictures in the net. I like the element of surprise. Prague surprised me pleasantly in many ways and I couldn’t stop taking pictures both with my hand held camera, as well as my mobile….

WordPress App! Access your WordPress sites from ANYwhere

Some really exciting news for all WordPress lovers! A brand new, WordPress app was released by Automattic, (for all OS’s). Now you can access your websites from all your devices with a click of a button from anywhere you may be. This idea came to me when I first started using WordPress. As always, whenever…