The City by the Bay – a love affair.

One of the first posts for San Francisco. A city I really like and can easily visit time after time. Here are my thoughts on some of the reasons you will love the City by the Bay. Why you will Love San Francisco Advertisements

The Cuba post – through images

This is one of two posts I have done so far of my Cuban experience. I hand-picked 10 images that portray the ‘essence of Cuba’ for me. Hope you will enjoy it! Press here to read the post!

Green on Blue

    Driving around on this island can never get boring or tiring. If you have an eye for photography, or for all things beautiful for that matter, Skopelos will never disappoint you. If you always try to visually capture the perfect frame or that stunning landscape, you will be very busy here. I constantly…

Into the light

From Monadee’s photoblog, these beautiful B&W images, and the great captions and Plato’s words that go together. Could not help but include them in my Blog’s content! Thank you Monadee..😉 If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together! We can easily forgive a child who is afraid…

Reasons to get you out of bed!

I don’t often get out of bed at the crack of dawn, but when I do, I’m glad to be the witness of such heavenly sunrise. Such magnificent colours that unhide behind mount ‘Palouki’ in Skopelos town. Our guests waiting for their departure boat this morning, could not have wished for a better fairwell to…

Tranquility at its best-Aegean sea-Greece

Would it be possible to lounge around here, in the beautiful bay of Panormos and not relax? Would it be possible to look at this beautiful sky and not dream away? Would it be possible to be surrounded by this lush landscape of Green and Blue and not feel its massive energy all around you? Would…

From dawn till dusk!

No matter what life has in store for you, its moments like these that make you forget all troubles and challenges you may have faced. Being lucky enough to wake up in time to see the sun rise in all its glory. Towards the end of your day, there is nothing more gratifying than being…

Aegean contrasts that stand out to inspire you

From yesterday’s afternoon walk around the port. Sometimes simple, rusty items and colour combinations contrast so nicely with the Aegean blue sea. One has to stop, observe and capture the frame which stands out and screams for attention. At least for me anyway..!

Busy Bumble Bee

Bumble bees are plentiful here on the island of Skopelos. They do not outnumber regular bees however. Did you know that they too produce honey? It is known to be less in quantity though, and sour in its taste!

Prague scenes that make your heart miss a beat

Prague was a great surprise for me! When visiting Europe, I tend not to make much research in terms of seeing pictures in the net. I like the element of surprise. Prague surprised me pleasantly in many ways and I couldn’t stop taking pictures both with my hand held camera, as well as my mobile….