Green on Blue



agnondas_bay_skopelosDriving around on this island can never get boring or tiring. If you have an eye for photography, or for all things beautiful for that matter, Skopelos will never disappoint you.

If you always try to visually capture the perfect frame or that stunning landscape, you will be very busy here. I constantly snap pictures on this island, no matter where I am. Whether I’m walking to somewhere, driving around or just foraging for the perfect picture frame.

agnondas bay from a distance - skopelos-greece
Agnondas bay with the lone Pine tree at a distance. Skopelos Island.

I was born on this island. Grew up here, left and came back many times, and yet, I snap pictures, like I’m a first time visitor. I find myself stopping the car at the side of the road to capture a stunning sunrise, a majestic sunset, nature, seascapes or the occasional hedgehog that crosses the road and was spared from the wheels of my car!

When you always get inspired to capture striking images. When you never get tired of ‘whowing’ at landscapes you witness. When you continuously stop dead at your tracks to take a picture of yet another pretty sunrise. You find that it’s even more magnificent than the one you saw yesterday.

And all this on a small island in Greece, scattered in the Aegean Sea.

Is there really a better way to define the beauty of a place?




Agnondas bay - skopelos - greece
Beautiful coastline of Skopelos. Agnondas bay is magnificent even in a cloudy day.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. marcokiel says:

    You are very lucky to live at such a beautiful place. The island seems to be very green. Best wishes Marco

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AndonisR says:

      Hi there Marco
      It is a very beautiful place indeed. It was in fact voted the greenest island in the Med back in the 90’s. Thank you for your comment, they will be more to come..😊


  2. joshi daniel says:

    so beautiful 🙂


    1. AndonisR says:

      It really is my friend 😎


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