New WordPress Release 4.6 – What I love here.

The people behind have just released the new 4.6 version. Let me just say, before I go on to my favorite features of this release, that there is nothing more great, than knowing you are covered from all aspects. That some hard-working ants are hidden behind there, ensuring that any security holes are patched up. Some other ants are putting their creative hats on to present us with wonderful features/add on’s, only to make our lives in the blogging world easier.

So talking about additions/features, here are my favorite in the ‘Pepper’ release:

  • Native fonts – go ahead, use the fonts you already have. No further delays!!
  • Content recovery – this is a huge move, the browser now saves content as you type! Recovering saved content just got easier.
  • Inline link checker – now you don’t have to worry about those, “..oh just put the WordPress link there for now, I’ll change it later..” cyber senior moments.
  • Translation on demand – for Themes and Plugins – automatticaly, and as soon as they become available by, well, all of us participating and doing as much as we can in the Translation department.

You can see it in action in the WordPress video presentation here:


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