Prague scenes that make your heart miss a beat

Prague was a great surprise for me! When visiting Europe, I tend not to make much research in terms of seeing pictures in the net. I like the element of surprise. Prague surprised me pleasantly in many ways and I couldn’t stop taking pictures both with my hand held camera, as well as my mobile. I find that I use my phone for pictures more and more these days. It is always on me, unlike my cameras. And it takes pretty good images most of the time.

Would you be able to spot which pictures were taken by camera and which ones by my mobile phone?




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  1. Juli says:

    Beautiful pictures of Prague. It is the place that is still on my to go list. will realise my dream someday. great pictures. Prague has an interesting history as I have heard so and life is somewhat interesting. Cannot wait to visit one day!

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    1. AndonisR says:

      Thank you for your nice comment Juli! I certainly appreciate that you liked my pics! It is a great city indeed. Full of romance, mystery and history. Definitely worth going..!


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