WordPress App! Access your WordPress sites from ANYwhere

Some really exciting news for all WordPress lovers! A brand new, WordPress app was released by Automattic, (for all OS’s). Now you can access your websites from all your devices with a click of a button from anywhere you may be.

This idea came to me when I first started using WordPress. As always, whenever I sat at a cafe, I devoured everything that had to do with WordPress. Reading article’s, How to’s, learning to code. Bookmarking everything, (more on ‘Bookmarking’ in a different post to come),  to help me become a better WordPress user. I often thought how great it would be, if WordPress came up with an app of some sort, where I could access the back end of my websites and do some editing right there and then. Write a post, upload another picture in my galleries. You know, have WordPress in my pocket. No more writing to do notes for when I go back home. wordpressapp

Well guess what? The Apps are now here! I am so excited about this. I can’t wait to sit at my favourite cafe, open up my iPad and just access my sites and start fooling around while I sip my coffee. As you can imagine, this is more than Revolutionary for all WordPress lovers.

I just downloaded the Mac OS app and about to download its iOS version. Next, the Android app will start living in my mobile phone too. You can download your copy/copies of WordPress app/s here!

Off I go… 🙂


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